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6 Key Elements to Establish a Strong Brand on Social Medi

1. Your Unique Brand

When you think of a strong visual brand identity, what comes to mind? In most cases, the logo is the first thing you think of. From the website to offline marketing, a logo is an extension of that brand. But, it’s more than that! According to a recent study, 45% of a brand’s image comes from what they say and how they say it. Your words tie together the mission, vision and values.

2. Don’t Just Sell a Product or Service

Let your visual marketing sell more than your business, product or service. Design an experience around your business and brand. Remember, a good brand is built over time and that requires thought, strategy and consistent implementation.

3. Valuable Visuals; give your visuals a plan, purpose and promise.

Find your identity. Think about how people perceive your business. Produce visual marketing that surprises, delights and educates the audience. Use visuals to tap into the head and heart of the audience. Understand their needs. Don’t throw visuals out, hoping they make a connection. Use them to provide real value.

4. Be Consistently Consistent

What’s the difference between a memorable brand and one that’s forgotten? Consistency. A consistent brand builds trust. Think: Name, Communication, Style, Logo, Color scheme, Graphic elements, etc.

5. Choose the Best Color

Remember that color can send a powerful message about your brand, so make sure it’s only strengthening your brand’s image. You can use this image to learn more about the psychology behind color choices:

6. Tell Your Story

Make the customers feel your story, not just hear it. Let your visual content become nuggets that drives sales, boosts your bottom line and connect customers to your brand. The right content, shared with the right people will help tell your story in a powerful and meaningful way.

Final Thoughts:

Visual marketing is a win/win for the customer and the brand! So, do more of what works! But…Building a social media presence takes TIME! If you don’t have time to spare, trust in The Media Stem to build your visual brand for YOU!

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