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3 Graphic Design Elements You Might Not Have Thought About

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Our in-house Graphic Design Artist, Sara Tawfik, spends most of her time creating sleek, creative, and engaging graphics that get business owners like yourself new, loyal, paying customers. We asked her what the most influential elements of graphic design are and here’s her response…

Us: What would you say to business owners that struggle with creating catchy graphics?

Sara: I’d say that the best way to create beautiful graphics is to understand the design elements that go into creating those graphics.

Us: Obviously you graduated with a degree in graphic design, how could someone without that experience produce beautiful graphics on their own?

Sara: I’d say the best way to produce beautiful graphics is to research beautiful graphics. I get a lot of my inspiration from companies like Lush or other brands that use a lot of color in their designs.

Us: So color pops out to you. What would you say are your Top 3 go-to graphic design elements?

Sara: Oh, that’s hard, but I’d have to say…

1. Color - for sure.

2. Emphasis of Space - which is basically a fancy way of saying layout and what you’re spotlighting.

3. Typography, because color scheme and layout mean nothing if you can’t relate to your clientele.

Us: Totally, and I feel like that’s where a lot of business owners go wrong.

Sara: Yes! Whoever thinks purple and green are good color combos should probably leave their marketing to the professionals.


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